Oak Wand 02

Oak Wand 02Unavailable - This wand is no longer for sale
100% solid oak (Quercus robur) wood wand. Mini size, ideal as a doll accessory.

Length: Ca 177 mm or 6 7/8″
Diameter: ~7 mm Wood Origin: Västra Söbacken, Stenungsund, Västra Götaland (Sweden) Harvest Method: I’m unsure of if the tree got blown down or if it was taken down by a thunderbolt, but the wood in this wand comes from a tree that fell during a massive thunderstorm (August 2002) that hit the Swedish west coast very hard. Cut, stripped, carved/shaped, dried, sanded, sanded some more, burned, sanded a bit again and finished off with a coating of clear mineral oil to protect the wood.

Colour variations are due to the wood itself.

Wand Created: 2010

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