Ivy Wand 07 (Richard III)

Ivy Wand 07Unavailable - This wand is no longer for sale
100% solid ivy (Hedera helix) wood wand, done to commemorate King Richard III, who was born in the Celtic tree month of Ivy. This wood ivy was found on the ground of the heritage site in Leicestershire which marks where he met his end.

The wand has “R III”, “1452-1485” (when he was alive) and his motto, “Loyaulte me lie” (“loyalty binds me”) as decorations. Read more about the making of the Richard III wand here.

Length: Ca 409 mm or 16″
Diameter: ~5-6 mm (flattish)
Wood Origin Location: Battle of Bosworth Heritage Site, Leicestershire (UK)
Harvest Method: Found on ground

Cut, stripped, carved/shaped, dried, sanded, sanded some more, burned, sanded a bit again and finished off with a coating of clear mineral oil to protect the wood.

Colour variations are due to the wood itself.

Wand Created: 2011

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