Elder Wand 06

Elder Wand 06Unavailable - This wand is no longer for sale
100% solid elder (Sambucus nigra) wood wand, with a white painted handle covered in Danish sand from Skagen.

Length: Ca 251 mm / 9 7/8″
Diameter: ~11-12 mm
Wood Origin: Bullarebygden, Västra Götaland (Sweden)
Harvest Method: Garden prunings
Sand Origin: Skagen (Denmark)

Cut, stripped, carved/shaped, sanded, burned, painted with a white base coat, painted in colour, sanded, sanded a bit again, added some glued and sprinkled with fine sand from a beach in Denmark (given to me some years ago by a friend who went there on holiday), and finished off with a few coatings of clear semi-glossy lacquer to protect the wood and sand.

This is NOT meant to be a toy! Due to the nature of the sand, I would recommend being careful when handling so that the glued-on sand doesn’t start to peel off.

Other colour variations are due to the wood itself.

This wand doesn’t have a specific tip because of the wide pith core making that impossible.

Wand Created: 2011

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