Here’s what I’m currently working on! Technically this page should also include a mention of the “Arboretum”, a collection of information about the different types of wood, but this is very much still on the “that’s a nice idea, I should do that at some point” stage …

Workshop stages

The letter after the number of wands of each type of wood (see below) indicated that it needs to be …

  1. Cut to length from longer pieces of wood
  2. Whittled down and a tip shaped
  3. Dried, if the wood was fresh, or else it can’t be sanded
  4. Sanded, which is normally done in three stages
  5. Burned, although this technically means decorated in general
  6. Photographed,
  7. Archived: measured, photos processed and uploaded online, added info to archive spreadsheet
  8. Etsy-added: once the draft listings are posted, info gets added here on the website.

All wood types marked C/W can be fully customised from scratch. Those marked S can have some customisations based on what’s already done to them, but if the bark has been completely removed in the previous stage, then obviously I can’t put it back on.

Wood availability and workshop status

FG (Found on Ground), GP (Garden Prunings), XT (a former X-mas Tree)

  • Alder Wands (10) W – Gamston/FG
  • Beech Wands (8) C – Wollaton/FG
  • Box Wands (?) W/S – Wollaton/GP
  • Cider Gum Wands (10) W – Wollaton/GP
  • Firethorn Wands (?) W – West Bridgford/GP
  • Hawthorn (20) W – Wollaton/GP
  • Holly Wands (14) W – West Bridgford/GP
  • Horse Chestnut Wands (1) W – Burton Joyce/FG
  • Hypericum (14) W – Wollaton/GP
  • Ivy Wands (?) W – West Bridgford/GP
  • Japanese Spindle (14) W – Wollaton/GP
  • Laburnum Wands (?) C – Wilford/GP
  • Nordmann Fir (35) W/(?) W – IKEA Nottingham, but grown in Denmark/XT / Cossall/XT
  • Oak Wands (28) W – Wollaton/GP
  • Sakura Wands (?) C – Wilford/GP
  • Scots Pine (18) W – Stenungsund/FG
  • [Unknown conifer] (12) W – Wollaton/GP
  • Wild Plum Wands (5) W – Bullarebygden/GP
  • Willow Wands (?) W/S – Wilmorton/GP
  • Yew Wands (1) W – Wollaton/FG

Last updated: 3 March 2016

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