Why Wands?

To some, the question “Why would you want a wand?” is very easy to respond to, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan, where wands are a big part of the story. You want one, or you need one, end of story. For others, who may have come across this site by accident and can’t see why someone would want to get a decorated piece of wood, this page should set you straight.

Here are some reasons you would want a wand … Say, if you’re:

  • A fan: several franchises of witch and/or wizard style books, films or TV shows use wands to cast their magic: from Harry Potter (my personal favourite) to Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • A Pagan/Neo-Pagan/Wiccan: a wand is a standard tool, just like a cup or an Athamé.
  • LARPing a spellcaster: look the part while doing live action roleplaying in the woods.
  • A dollmaker: you can make little witch or wizard dolls, for instance.
  • Dressing up for Halloween: a golden opportunity to bring authenticity to a costume!
  • Conducting an orchestra: you might call it a baton, I call it a thin wand.

There are also some more creative exampes of when and where you could find a wand most useful:

  • Business meetings: Death by Power Point no more! Nothing would spice up a boring meeting like pointing at slides with a wand instead of a laser pointer.
  • Teachers/Lecturers: Use a wand instead of a pointer on the overhead or whiteboard. Should definitely impress the kids.
  • Keeps cats amused – just be careful you don’t poke them in the eyes or mouth by accident!
  • You could technically use a wand to play fetch with a dog, although bitemarks are most unbecoming.
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