The Wandmaker is interviewed by BBC Radio Nottingham

Last week, I heard something on the local BBC radio station about how a couple of people had hidden a bunch of wands around West Bridgford, and that if you found one, you were to do some kind of good deed. Sounded like the wands were made out of felt and things like that, in the end, so nothing like the wands I make.

I tweeted the breakfast show presenter saying I’m a wandmaker based in Nottingham. I was later tweeted by BBC Radio Nottingham asking to give them a call about my wandmaking. They wanted to do an interview, and arranged to have one of their journalists come to my place on Saturday.

The journalist was a nice woman called Laura, and I showed her the boxes where I keep the wands I’ve made, told her a bit about how I started making them, and so on. I’m rubbish with thinking on my feet and I’m also very introverted, so I doubt the interiew makes for very interesting listening … Well, aside from the bit where she said there were wizard hats and other Potter paraphernalia all over the place as she looked around, which isn’t the case. (That bit was made up for dramatic purposes, which is why I didn’t object to it.) The interview was conducted in the living room, and the only thing Potter-related in there are the films on DVD. Maybe she mistook my wooly gnome for a little wooly wizard …

Before coming over, Laura had been to Wollaton Park, and had brought some twigs for me to have a look at. One of them was turned into a wand, so she could see the process from start to finish. It’s a shame we don’t know what type of wood it is, because then it could have been catalogued under a proper name, but this will have to do: Laura’s Wand.

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