Shop on hold

Covid announcement

Went to post a wand package in the nearby parcel postbox earlier, only to find it seemingly locked shut. No notice on it or anything. Continued walking to get to the sorting office a bit further on, and it was closed – it’s only open 7-9am as of today.

Walked back home and decided to take the car and do the 7 mile round trip to where we knew there was another parcelbox (and run another errand) so I could send the order.

Until I know if the walking distance parcelbox has reduced hours I’m putting the Etsy and Folksy shops on holiday mode, as I shouldn’t go to go to a post office, the sorting office hours aren’t practical, and driving 7 miles for no other reason than to put a poster tube in a postbox defeats the purpose of staying close to home. (The nearby parcelbox at least worked as a way of getting some exercise and fresh air.)

This website (and shop on the Facebook page) is still open for browsing, but links to order won’t work.

Stay safe and see you soon. xx

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