Lombardy Poplar Wand 06

Lombardy Poplar Wand 06Unavailable - This wand is no longer for sale
100% solid Lombardy poplar (Populus nigra Italica) wood wand with “Per aspera ad astra” (“Through hardships to the stars”, “A rough road leads to the stars” or “To the stars through difficulties”) on the handle.

Length: Ca 315 mm or 12 3/8″
Diameter: ~12 mm
Wood Origin Location: Off Queens Road East, Beeston, Nottingham (UK)
Harvest Method: Found on ground

Cut, stripped, carved/shaped, dried, sanded, sanded some more, burned, sanded a bit again and finished off with a coating of clear mineral oil to protect the wood.

Colour variations are due to the wood itself.

Wand Created: 2012

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