Got Wood?

If you’ve got any spare sticks, twigs or branches (need to be roughly 1-5 cm or ~¼”-2″ in diameter including bark, and woody, without too much pith – e.g. fresh rose stems and blackberry aren’t woody) from a tree or shrub, perhaps if you’ve been doing some pruning in your garden, please drop me a line. I’m happy to reimburse postage costs, or if you’re in the Nottingham or Derby area, I can collect.

I’m also happy to trade unworked sticks/twigs where I have plenty to spare. (I prefer to trade, but if you have nothing to trade, we can still work something out.) Currently available:

  • Apple (Halland, Sweden) – these have been cut to ca 20-25 cm
  • Firethorn/Pyracantha (West Bridgford, Nottingham)
  • Holly (West Bridgford, Nottingham)
  • Laburnum (Compton Acres, Nottingham)
  • Norway Spruce (Cossall, Nottinghamshire)
  • Oak (Wollaton, Nottingham)
  • Sakura Cherry (Compton Acres, Nottingham) — I have sacks and sacks of this!!
  • Willow (Wilmorton, Derby)

Please see below for examples of wood types I would love to get my hands on, but the lists aren’t exclusive in any way. Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean I’m not interested – just that I haven’t thought about them! 🙂 Text within [] are the Swedish names.

Most Wanted:

  • Elm [Alm]
  • Hornbeam [Avenbok]
  • Vine [Vinranka]


  • Alder Buckthorn [Brakved]
  • Ash [Ask]
  • Aspen [Asp]
  • Blackthorn [Slån]
  • Broom [Ginst]
  • Buckthorn [Getapel]
  • Cork-tree, which isn’t the same as:
  • Cork Oak [Korkek]
  • Dogwood [Skogskornell]
  • Elm [Alm]
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginkgo
  • Gorse [Ärttörne]
  • Hawthorn [Hagtorn]
  • Heather [Ljung]
  • Hornbeam [Avenbok]
  • Laurel [Lagerträd]
  • Magnolia
  • Mahogany [Mahogny]
  • Myrtle [Myrten]
  • Privet [Liguster]
  • Rose [Ros]
  • Rowan [Rönn]
  • Sallow (Goat Willow) [Sälg, videkissar]
  • Service Tree [Oxel?]
  • Whitebeam (any) [Vitoxel]


  • Cedar [Ceder]
  • Fir (any kind) [Gran]
  • Juniper [En]
  • Redwood
  • Thuja


  • Almond [Mandel]
  • Apricot [Aprikos]
  • Avocado [Avocado]
  • Cherry [Körsbär]
  • Crab Apple [Vildapel, Paradisäpple]
  • Currant (any) [Vinbär]
  • Damson [Krikon]
  • Fig [Fikon]
  • Herbs (any with wooden stems, like sage and rosemary) [Örter med vedstam, t.ex. salvia och rosmarin]
  • Lemon [Citron]
  • Lime (the citrus fruit version)
  • Mango
  • Olive [Oliv]
  • Orange [Apelsin]
  • Peach [Persika]
  • Pear [Päron]
  • Pecan
  • Persimmon [Persimon]
  • Pistachio [Pistach]
  • Pomegranate [Granatäpple]
  • Raspberry [Hallon]
  • Sloe [Slånbär]
  • Sweet Chestnut [Äkta kastanj, den ätbara sorten, inte hästkastanj]
  • Vine [Vinranka]
  • Walnut [Valnöt]

…and any other types of wood I haven’t got already but couldn’t think of to mention above! 🙂

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