Damson Wand 07

Damson Wand 07

Folksy Etsy

100% solid damson (Prunus insititia) wood wand with a painted bow of indeterminate colour and cracks filled in with purple glitter hot glue.

Length: Ca 281 mm or 11″
Diameter: ~10-14 mm
Wood Origin Location: Wollaton, Nottingham (UK)
Harvest Method: Found on ground

Cut, stripped, carved/shaped, dried, sanded, sanded some more, burned, hot glued, carved, sanded a bit again, painted with acrylic paint and hot glued on top … deciding against it as it seemed the hot glue ran out (turns out it was only stuck … d’oh!), so removed it and painted it with glittery nail varnish which made the originally purple bow have some kind of not-very-purple colour, and finished off with a coating of clear linseed oil to protect the wood.

Colour variations are due to the wood itself.

Wand created: 2018

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